Zalo Gonzalez

Spring 2016

23rd March, 2016

I became aware of here & there some years ago after scouring the internet for pockets of people in Ann Arbor who were as interested in fashion as I'd slowly become around that time. Back then information on the site was scant. Zalo and Cy seemed almost secretive, but I've learned they're just the opposite.

Zalo Gonzalez walks along a parking structure on a sunny spring day

Spend any time at all talking with these two and you'll find their energy palpable and contagious. Aside from their own meticulous garb, Cy and Zalo take note of the styles of passersby that go unnoticed by the untrained eye. They're really entrenched in the community with connections at the University of Michigan as well as local businesses.

I finally met these two at an event at Today Clothing, and we've been friends since. We see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, from style and fashion to community and social responsibility.

Zalo Gonzalez portrait from a 2016 spring look
Zalo Gonzalez adjusts his pants during a 2016 spring look shoot

When Zalo asked me to photograph a spring look he put together, I was happy to oblige. Spring does things to me — as soon as daylight savings time hits I get this refreshing burst of energy and morale. This seems the case for many and it's often reflected in their dress. Colors shift from grayscale to pastel. Textures shift from nylon to chiffon. It's all very exhilarating.

Zalo Gonzalez shows off the jacket and shirt of his spring look
Zalo Gonzalez shows off a 2016 classy but casual spring look

We shot on top of a parking structure and the clouds were ridiculous that day. The top level has a really open area and by shooting there we were able to get some crazy shots like the one in the beginning of this post. Finding these interesting vantage points is fun and can result in images that leave an impression! What impression do they leave you with? Tell me in the comments below!

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