Yoshi Clothing Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Pattern Magic

26th June, 2016

Yoshi Clothing has done it again. This year's spring/summer collection revealed pieces with such fun detail. Once more, Yoshi has proved that his eye for patterns is immaculate, pulling in everything from octopodes to giraffes to nautical themes. Each piece is a unique statement and a testament to his workmanship!

I came to the 2015 release as well, and after this year I hope to be forever in attendance! Each piece is meticulous, down to the pockets that are pattern-matched to the locations on their respective shirts. Embellishments in the legs of the jeans jump out unexpectedly. Examining some of these pieces is like opening little gifts, each with its own surprises.

This time around there are bucket hats available. The patterns match several of the shirt and shorts designs. There is an assortment of ties as well, both in the neck and bow varieties. You can easily become the talk of your social gatherings with these! They'll be an instant hit.

As always, the shirts draw me in the most. Sadly, I can't fit into Yoshi's typical cut. The cut works well for slender frames but may prove difficult if you have broad shoulders — or a broad belly like me!

You can find Yoshi's pieces online at the link below or in a select few places around Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor.