Yoshi Clothing Spring 2015 Collection

An Eye for Fabrics

2nd May, 2015

Yoshi Clothing shorts line
Yoshi Clothing shirt label detail

Yoshi Sugiura knows his patterns and fabrics. After studying at Mode Gakuen and working as a patterner in Japan, he has started blazing his own path alongside his wife, Kate, in Ypsilanti. Yoshi started his journey making men's neckties and bowties, but has sinced expanded to larger pieces like shorts and shirts.

Under the moniker Yoshi Handmade Clothing, the pair are selling pieces that are hard not to fanboy over. You can see and feel the quality in these pieces.

Yoshi's spring 2015 collection includes a number of shorts, as well as a variety of shirts. Many of the patterns I saw had matching long- and short-sleeve shirts, which could be a versatile wardrobe addition. I personally avoid long sleeves as much as possible in the summer, but there's a rare occasion where a guy needs to look spiffier than usual.

Each time some new pieces come in at Today Clothing I'm amazed at how well these patterns come to life as clothing. I suppose that's part of the skill of a designer — imagining how a two-dimensional swatch can be transformed into functional menswear and giving to it the breath of life.

Yoshi Clothing shirt line
Yoshi Clothing shorts label detail

Having come from Japan, Yoshi is positioned to draw from two cultures in his work. During my time in Japan, I noticed a marked difference in fashion trends compared to the states. I see some elements of this in Yoshi's work and yet he can cater easily to the trends on this side of the pond. Pulling these two cultures together through fashion is a great way to gain a following!

That's precisely what he's doing.

Right now you'll only be able to find his work on display at Today Clothing and select events in the Ann Arbor area. I'd be surprised if that remains true for much longer though. Make sure to keep tabs on Yoshi!

Yoshi Clothing shirt line