Minimal Geometric Designs

25th November, 2015

VIZUVLGVDŠ white shirts with stripes

I'm a little late to the game with this post but I feel it still really deserves to be mentioned! A few months back I attended a pop-up sale at Détroit Is the New Black featuring pieces from VIZUVLGVDŠ. The brand was started by Muktar Onifade and is inspired heavily by geometric shapes, fluid dynamics, and West African Kaftan.

Though entirely grayscale, the pieces I saw really drew my eye by virtue of their contrast and shape. The stark straight lines somehow found a home on the airy materials they were printed on, and it all just worked really well. These pieces would pair well with any sort of pants, shorts, or something a bit further off the beaten path.

VIZUVLGVDŠ gray shirts
VIZUVLGVDŠ white shirts

These pieces are intriguing enough to me that I'd love to pick up a commissioned piece to fit my admittedly heavyset build. I'm not sure if it would work well for me, but I almost feel compelled to try. With work this good, I'd be long gone before anyone noticed my weight anyway! They'd be busy checking out the design and materials.

VIZUVLGVDŠ is gaining traction, as noted by their growing Instagram community. I look forward to seeing more from them as they mature!

VIZUVLGVDŠ white shirts full length
VIZUVLGVDŠ gray shirts full length
VIZUVLGVDŠ mixed white and gray shirts

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