Vincent and Daisy

A Love Story

24th April, 2015

This is the story of two amazing people, the love they share, and the love they give. It's unfolding as a story about how much love we can show them in return.

Vincent and Daisy engagement photo in Law Quad

I met Vincent and Daisy early on in my college years. At the time, none of us were very close. We'd see each other practicing from time to time and were at a lot of parties and things together. As time wore on, I came to admire Vincent's dancing. After he and Daisy partnered up, I began admiring her dancing, too!

It wasn't too terribly long after they started dancing together — and after numerous failed attempts to woo her — that Vincent finally stole Daisy's heart. It was, conservatively, the cutest thing ever. They've been virtually inseparable ever since!

Vincent and Daisy engagement photo on the Michigan Diag

It wasn't until after we'd all graduated that we truly became close. Drawn together partly by dancing and partly by our mutual interest in entrepreneurship and nerdy tabletop games, we started spending a lot of time together.

If you know Vincent and Daisy at all, you know what giving and loving individuals they are. Through their hard work and strong relationships they built VEdance, now an internationally known brand. They constantly have visitors at their home, always offering good company and making sure people are never thirsty or hungry.

They treat their friends like family.

Vincent was recently diagnosed with a rare but treatable form of cancer. While his prognosis has been positive so far, his path to recovery will still be difficult and will limit what he and Daisy are able to do with their business. Support from their network has been overwhelmingly positive so far, and it would be so wonderful to keep that sentiment rolling. While we can't relieve Vincent of his illness, we can certainly do everything in our power to relieve him of preoccupations about things like finances!

Please consider making a donation to Vincent and Daisy's Indiegogo fundraiser. This will help with medical costs not covered by health insurance as well as the revenue compromises VEdance may need to make while Vincent and Daisy focus on his health. Any amount is so deeply appreciated that I'll give you a big hug. Thank you!

Vincent wearing a funny mustache and hat for an engagement photo
Daisy wearing a funny mustache and hat for an engagement photo
Vincent and Daisy engagement photo in Law Quad arch