Throwback: Thatsdohpe

An Anthology

14th July, 2015

Thatsdohpe/Karen Doh fur coat

Every now and again I'll pull out my old hard drives, blow the dust off, and sit down to a few hours of reviewing old work. Sometimes I'll reach far back into the archives, but others I might put fresh eyes on something I shot only a few weeks prior. This process of getting a current perspective on past work is both therepeutic and reflective. The retrospection helps me see how I might have done something differently or better to achieve what I was going for at the time.

I often focus in on a single session or pair of sessions when doing these reviews, but this time around I wanted a more expansive critique. I decided to cover all my work with Karen from Thatsdohpe.

The images you'll see in this post have not been previously used — I've put together an all-new set of edits that most closely represent my current style. This can breathe new life into images from years ago, and that feeling helps spur me on during less engaged times.

Thatsdohpe/Karen Doh military outfit

Thatsdohpe/Karen Doh pink outfit

I met Karen last year during some work I did with NOiR, who just celebrated their 16th year as an organization. NOiR is a charity organization that raises funding through an annual fashion show along with several smaller events. Make sure to check them out!

I'm so glad to have developed a lasting relationship with some of the individuals from NOiR and I'm especially proud of much of the work that came from that initial collaboration and beyond. Karen is running all over China this summer with our mutual friend James. Be sure to check out the work he and I did together on ILAN! I'll be covering that in another post, though.

Thatsdohpe/Karen Doh at Babo Market
Thatsdohpe/Karen Doh Nasty Gal dress
Thatsdohpe/Karen Doh banana shirt

These two are definitely people you should keep an eye on going forward. They're energetic, passionate, and involved people who will do great things! I look forward to working on projects like these in the near future — if you have an idea, contact me right away!

Thatsdohpe/Karen Doh/NOiR Runway white outfit
Thatsdohpe/Karen Doh checkered sweater