Scarves // Shirts


7th October, 2015

You might remember Lisa from my previous post. I had a really fun time shooting with her, so when I found out she'd be in town I made sure to jump at the opportunity.

In some ways, Lisa is a great model. While Lisa looks great, modeling is a whole lot less about everyday physical attractiveness and much more about the practiced skills of body awareness, situational awareness, and even acting in some cases. Lisa is able to bring these skills to the table! That's one of the reasons I so enjoyed working with her. My job as a photographer is to direct, and someone who can take direction and even expand on it goes a long way.

Lisa Wang accessories detail

The other thing I really enjoy about working with Lisa is that she never fails to bring something interesting to the table in terms of content. She's savvy and has a good wardrobe at her disposal. Her all-white look in New York was impeccable.

This time, she came with a scarf as a shirt. A scarf. As a shirt! It worked really well functionally, and the bright colors and silk material made it work well aesthetically. She paired this with some equally vibrant armwear to flesh out this outfit.

We shot in front of Angell Hall, perhaps one of the most architecturally impressive buildings in downtown Ann Arbor. The Greek columns and the height of the fa├žade lend themselves to pretty spectacular shooting! Afterward we stopped by to see the fine gentleman at Today Clothing.

Lisa Wang in Today Clothing

Make sure to follow Lisa at her blog and check out what Today Clothing has to offer! There's seriously good stuff going on in both places. You won't regret it.