Rouge – EnspiRED

10th Annual Charity Runway Show

25th January, 2016

A model's black suede shoes as she turns at the end of the runway

Despite working with organizations like NOiR Runway Fashion in the past, it wasn't until this weekend that I attended my first fashion show in person. I had fairly high hopes and expectations, and to my delight they were exceeded far and away.

EnspiRED's 10th annual show, Rouge, was engaging from start to finish. Drawing elements from the French circus, I was enthralled at times. One moment, a model walked down the runway with a foam clown nose on. The next, a ballerina costumed as a doll danced delicately above the audience. It was truly a spectacle.

A model wears a clown nose down the runway at Rouge, EnspiRED 2016
A ballerina costumed as a doll dances on the runway

This affair was followed by several runs of fashion worn well by the models, a majority of whom are University of Michigan students. The fact that there is so much passion in these people to put on and participate in a show like this really gives me heart when thinking about the fashion community in Ann Arbor!

A model wears a black shirt with silver overlays at Rouge, EnspiRED 2016

Returning full-force into the Rouge theme after a risqué nightwear feature, the models began losing their grip on reality in a freak show and monster run. The acting was rather convincing, especially when the last model began twirling a knife and sprinting down the runway with it at neck level!

A model acts disturbed on the runway at Rouge, EnspiRED 2016
A model acts disturbed on the runway at Rouge, EnspiRED 2016

This show was a real challenge to shoot due to the low light and constant change in colors and intensities. I decided to crank the ISO way up because I'd always prefer a grainy photo over a completely black one! I stuck to my 105mm while on the sidelines and switched down to my 35mm when I was at the end of the runway.

I was elated to see some familiar faces from my shoot with this year's NOiR executive board as well as some friends from around town like the guys at here & there. It really felt like a community coming together, and I so desperately desire things like this to happen in Ann Arbor more and more over the coming years!

See the full set of images from the show on Facebook.