Regan Anderson

Always a Clothes Call

8th April, 2016

I feel like it's been a while. It's really only been a couple of weeks, but maybe I've been doing so much that it seems longer! I just got back from a few days in Seattle and it was awesome. There may be a post forthcoming about that!

I had an opportunity to meet and shoot with Regan Anderson of Always a Clothes Call a couple of weeks ago. If you follow her, you've already seen some of those images. If not, you get to see some here!

Regan Anderson of Always a Clothes Call details her lace shirt

Regan is a real pleasure to work with. For someone who's only been blogging seriously for about a year, she has a certain calm about her that allows her to get consistently usable shots with little effort.

I'm probably one of the most awful directors there is as I haven't done enough consistent shooting to develop that personality and vocabulary necessary for knockout order-giving. Sometimes a model comes along that doesn't need any of that and it helps me relax a bit since I'm not thinking so hard about telling them what I'd like them to do!

Regan Anderson of Always a Clothes Call inside the UMMA

During this shoot we were both indoors and out. This required me to think on my feet a bit, switching several settings partway through. If you're still figuring out how light plays with your camera, you'll want to know what to do in these situations. Setting your camera to aperture priority is what many novice photographers do, but this can bump your ISO unexpectedly indoors and deliver grainy images if your sensor doesn't work well at high ISO.

The best way to remedy this is to shoot in manual mode. Set your aperture how you like it. Set your ISO according to the light available — sometimes as high as 1600 for me. This essentially locks you into aperture + ISO priority, leaving you free to alter the shutter speed until the shots look great. If you're inside in a darker setting you can consider underexposing your images a bit for a faster shutter. The darker images will still work beautifully by upping the exposure in a software like Lightroom.

Regan Anderson of Always a Clothes Call stands by a heart-shaped neon light

I definitely look forward to working with Regan more and examining some aspects of my style that I want to hone — just as soon as the weather in Michigan settles down!

Regan Anderson of Always a Clothes Call wearing a leather jacket

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