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19th April, 2016

A few weeks ago when the nice weather teased the residents of Michigan in an epic troll, the guys from here & there got at me out of the blue about doing a quick afternoon shoot. We didn't have a concept planned out but ended up with some good frames.

Zalo Gonzalez in the sunlight on a parking structure

It's sometimes nice to go into a shoot with no expectations, as it can be liberating and allow things to go in any direction. Harnessing good ideas as they come allows the whole thing to grow organically into something coherent and cohesive. Photography often paints itself into a corner and defines a box around what it wants to be, but once in a while I see folks doing weeeiiird stuff and I like that.

Zalo Gonzalez and Cy Abdelnour of here & there laugh together

This set isn't weird, but the freedom we gave ourselves was a good exercise in how we might achieve stuff like that in the future.

Cy Abdelnour of here & there stands atop a parking structure

We stopped off at the Diag for a bit to see if anyone interesting passed by. The best thing we saw by far was a beautiful, richly tanned leather backpack that a guy got during his visit to Johannesburg, South Africa. That pack was gorgeous.

A leather backpack found in Johannesburg, South Africa

If you've got style or know a friend who does, make sure to hit us up. here & there is really interested in exploring what's happening in and around Ann Arbor that might not be immediately obvious to the casual observer.

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