D-Town Shakedown

Rebirth of a City

6th July, 2015

It's been years since I went into the heart of Detroit. At the behest of @nancymnguyen I made a long overdue visit to shoot with her, drive around a bit, and eat some delicious food.

Detroit really is a fantastic place if one is able to look through the veil. I feel the nation and even Michigan natives can rarely see the forest for the trees. The term "ruin porn" was coined in part because of this city and it has been detrimental to its image. Detroit is a city not in decline but in a period of rebirth. Though there may still be a plethora of issues to overcome, I believe time will reveal solutions.

The people of Detroit are passionate — it can be seen in what they're producing. Just look at projects like Grand Circus, a new biannual magazine on Detroit culture, and Lazlo, a sustainable menswear line. These folks not only have their finger on the pulse of Detroit — they keep it pulsing. Look to these types of outfits if you want to know what is actually happening in a city with so much negative media.

As a foodie, one of the most delightful movements in Detroit is high-quality culinary establishments. Older favorites like Slows Bar BQ are fantastic, and newer joints like Green Dot Stables and Johnny Noodle King are rising to the occasion.

Nancy suggested Johnny Noodle King this time around, which I hadn't had the chance to try. I'd heard many good things so I jumped on it! When we arrived at the compact, red building it didn't look like much. Inside, however, was a clean, cozy establishment that served up some really tasty work.

I have vowed for the past several years to spend more time in Detroit and get familiar with its intricacies. I've been more or less unsuccessful in that goal until now, and I want to keep it going. If you, dear reader, know some mad chow houses, badass barbers, craft crop farmers, or any other shining Detroit diamonds, please share below.