Always a Clothes Call

Fall 2016

13th October, 2016

I went through summer without a lot of excitement in the photography department. I did several jobs for others, but very little for myself. As time wore on, something I found myself anticipating with excitement was being able to shoot some personal style looks with Regan Anderson after the start of the school year. If you didn't see my previous post about Regan, be sure to check it out.

Working with others isn't always my strong suit. Those who know me well can attest to my introversion and tendency toward cynicism. I'm quick to get annoyed and have too many pet peeves. I hide most of this pretty well, but every once in a while it starts leaking out.

Regan Anderson showing off a camel coat fall look for Always a Clothes Call
Regan Anderson wears a black leather wear-to-work look for Always a Clothes Call

Once every so often I work with someone who makes all of this so much easier. They understand the process, they understand the goals, they manage expectations well. It's freeing and allows me to focus on the creative aspects moreso than the logistics. Regan is awesome in this department. Props.

Finding people who you can be mutually constructive with is important in any line of work, particular in those when collaboration and synthesizing ideas is happening constantly. Being able to bounce ideas and receive honest feedback is invaluable. As you progress in your career, make sure you're surrounding yourself with as many people like this as possible!

During our last few shoots I've been honing my shooting style, partly based on what I learned at Heck Yeah! Photo Camp. It's been rewarding to see my own consistency and the ability to achieve what I envision in my mind. Applying my mind's eye in practice has been a challenge and I think I'm constantly improving.